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SVG decals for Gran Turismo Sport


Many of the logos and graphics presented here are the property of their respective owners. Be respectful of the brands and their owners.

SVG files are provided as-is and should work in-game, i.e. being less than 15 kB in size and pretty "standard" when it comes to SVG features. If any of them doesn't work, feel free to open them up in your favorite vector art application and fix them, we can't provide any real "support" for using these logos in any way.

Decals are uploaded into Gran Turismo Sport via their decal uploader, which you will find here: https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gtsport/user/decal-uploader

List of catalogs

There is currently 1 catalog of decals. Click any of the user name(s) below to browse their respective catalog.

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